7/10/2023 - Exploring the Costal Highway 1 on the Central Cost (Morro Bay to San Simeon) (click here to leave a comment)

*Updated - We ended up staying for two nights at the Apple Farm Hotel so that we can do some exploration up the coast from SLO. We went to Morro Bay and dropped by the waterfront. The day was really foggy from a marine layer that was on the waterfront, but we were able to see the rather large rock formation called (surprisingly) the Morro Rock. *We went down to the beach and Patty was able to stand on the shore with the waves washing her feet. She was so entranced with the feeling that she forgot what happens when the wave washes back: the sand is eroded from under her feet. With a small gasp, she danced a bit to be able to stand on flat sand again. :)* Next we continued up for a few miles and stopped at an elephant seal rookery where about 50 or so elephant seals were lounging and sleeping on the beach. These animals are VERY huge and not the cute little harbor seals that most may be familiar with. In fact, I would say that the males were about 15 feet long and probably weighed as much as our Tesla (~4000#'s). There was a young boy with his Mom and Dad watching and was very animated about them, constantly pointing and saying loudly, "WOW; look at that" repeatedly. He was totally amazed of those creatures and I would have to say, he spoke for Patty and I quite well in our amazement. :) Next, we went up to San Simeon and stopped by the visitors center for the Hearst Castle tours. The castle looked about a mile away on a hill top and is a rather gaudy building, in my opinion. Since the tour costs were about $30 per person for the cheapest tour, we passed on it. We returned to SLO and the Apple Farm Hotel. Unfortunately, I can't post a video of the night frogs and the mill wheel in the creek, but it was very enchanting. We would recommend this hotel for anyone going to SLO overnight.

Very cool car! Nice experience.


Very cool car! Nice experience.

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