7/9/2023 - Heading for the coast of Central California and San Luis Obisbo (SLO) (out of order) (click here to leave a comment)

We left Bakersfield in the morning after breakfast and drove west across the dry hills and flat plains spotted with oil wells and different farmlands. We came across a very interesting place which is a lavender farm, called ironically: "The Lavender Garden". They have a gift shop, a store, a dinosaur zoo for kids and several other amenities. They sold lavender ice cream mixed with blueberries or peaches or vanilla beans. It was so good! After a while, we arrived in San Luis Obisbo or "SLO" as it is called by the locals, and stayed at a very quaint and interesting hotel called "The Apple Farm". I'll describe more tomorrow. Here is a picture of Patty and I enjoying lavender/blueberry ice cream...yummy!

that looks great! Yum!


that looks great! Yum!

Sun Jul 16 2023 03:56:21 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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