7/7/2023 - Barging on in California (click here to leave a comment)

On the way continuing on Interstate 5 south, we charged up at an interesting location at Firebaugh, CA. There was 52 charging stations located under solar panel awnings with the electricity feeding a Tesla Megapack battery (very big battery). Basically, the charging location was pretty much self sufficient with it's own produced electricity. Continuing the story: while we were heading towards Bakersfield, CA, Patty asked me what the date was. I replied that it was Thursday July 7th; she then asked me "why are we hurrying so much?". I said that we needed to get to the memorial service by Saturday evening. She started laughing really hard and said, "the service is not until Saturday the 15th". Again, she asked "why are we hurrying so much?" I felt chagrined: obviously, I had fallen deeply into mental retirement and was not thinking clearly at all. We immediately turned off of the highway and started wandering about the desert with nowhere to go. We ended up in Bakersfield where we stayed in a pretty nice hotel.


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