7/6/2023 - Leaving Grants Pass (click here to leave a comment)

So, here begins a rather strange story. Strange in that it is embarrassing for me (Steve), and strange in that once the story concluded, Patty was laughing for a couple of hours. It begins like this: when I (Steve) woke up in Grants Pass, I remembered that the memorial service was to be held in Oxnard on Saturday evening. I looked at my calendar and saw that Saturday was two days away. We had intended to take a leisurely trip down the coast from Crescent City, California to Oxnard, but in my thinking, we had two days to get there. Consequently, in a state of panic we charged up to 100% and went directly to Sacramento where we stayed at the Governors In Hotel. We found that there was hardly any parking in downtown Sacramento and the streets were not very friendly. We spent the night and the next morning grabbed a quick breakfast at McDonalds and hurried on. The photo is of Mount Shasta in Northern California north of Redding.


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