8/12/2023 - Homeward Bound-part1 (click here to leave comments)

So, the time has come to finish our road trip of 4000 miles by heading home via SR 410 over Chinook Pass, through Enumclaw and Renton. It took us 42 days, and we visited California, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, and back to Washington. We met many new friends, visited many new cities, shared grief with our family, witnessed joy in children seeing things for the first time and marveling at the wonders of this world that our Lord has created for our pleasure. Heading up the eastern side of Chinook Pass, we stopped at the Paradise Valley trail head for a "pit stop" and an opportunity to receive some "tree bathing" in a forest of pine, cedar and cottonwood trees. Patty took the opportunity to hug a tree, which is a tradition for us whenever we visit a new area with trees. Continuing on, at 5,506 feet in altitude, we crossed over Chinook Pass and started down the other side. Just over the top, we came upon a view of "the Mountain" (Mt. Rainer) and Tipsoo Lake. This is one of the most spectacular views that we saw on this trip. Continuing on, we stopped at one of our favorite points on this highway: Federation Forest State Park. This is a destination that Patty and I go to when we need some quiet solitude in the woods. There are many old growth trees and a nearby flowing river. It is very refreshing indeed!


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