8/4/2023 - Twin Falls, ID (click here to leave comments)

We spent two nights at the La Quinta Inn at Twin Falls. That gave us a day of exploration on the 4th of August. We went to Shoshone (Sho-shone-nee) falls first. This is the largest falls in southern Idaho and is a few feet higher than Niagra, however, not as high as Snoqualmie falls. The canyon that contains the falls is mostly basalt rock and very rugged. Apparently, it was carved out from a big flow from a large lake at the end of the ice age called Lake Bonneville. The only remains of that Lake Bonneville is the Great Salt Lake in Utah. About another couple of miles upstream from Shoshone falls is Twin Falls, which is what the city was named after. However, back in the early 1900's, one of the twin falls was dammed up and made into a power generation plant. So, now only the falls on the north side is actually there.


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