8/3/2023 - Tremonton (click here to leave comments)

We left Provo to go north to Tremonton and stay one night there. The next day, on the way to Twin Falls Idaho, we took a side trip to the site of the laying of the golden spike which marked the completion of the first transcontinental railroad in the USA on March 9, 1869 in Promontory Summit, which is about an hour west of Tremonton. It is now a National Historical Monument with a Visitor Center and a pair of replication steam locomotives representing the Jupiter, of the Union Pacific Railroad (from the east) and the 119 representing the Central Pacific Railroad (from the west). I'll include a picture below. There were a massive amount of labor from soldiers from the Civil War (both sides), Irish Labor working for the Union Pacific, and Chinese Labor working for the Central Pacific. The steam locomotives are actual working ones that were built in 1975 and they operate every day when they are backed into their "garage" in the evening and brought out every morning. They seem very small compared to steam locomotives from later years, and indeed the rails that they used at that time are much smaller and made of iron compared to now which are much larger, can support much more weight and made of steel today. Overall, it made for a very interesting day. We continued on afterwards to Twin Falls Idaho where we stayed at the La Quinta Inn, which is very nice.


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