7/24-25/2023 - Learning How to Estimate Between Charging Locations the Hard Way (click here to leave a comment)

We left Kingman in the morning after charging and decided to follow Route 66 to Flagstaff. There are a number of interesting things to see along the way that I wanted to share with Patty. We wandered along and at one time passed a convoy of about 3 semi's at a top speed of 100 MPH. That was fun, but didn't realize that action would cost us several percentage points of power consumed. When we got to the other end of RT 66 where it joined I-40, I opened the app to have directions to the Supercharger locations in Flagstaff and selected one. Immediately we got a notice that we had insufficient charge to reach that location. As I swallowed my heart back down, I searched for the closest charging location to where we were at that time and saw that there was one a few miles closer but still in Flagstaff. When I selected that location, the notice came up that we needed to not exceed 55 miles per hour to reach it. I dutifully obeyed the electronic guide and drove the last 70 miles at 50-55 MPH. I suffered the indignity of driving a high performance car at the speed normally equated to timid old geezers and frustrating the drivers that needed to pass us almost unexpectedly. We did arrive at our destination Supercharger location, but with only a 2% charge left. That was obviously too close for comfort and I learned much about not paying attention to the needs of feeding Tess. Now, please note for all you EV doubters out there that if I had done my homework properly and drove more thoughtfully, we wouldn't have had that situation. It wasn't the fault of the car...more of the inattentive driver. That's all the "defending" that I'll say. :) After charging, we settled into a very nice hotel and rested up for a couple of days. We did see a few sights along the way to Flagstaff, mostly on Route 66. We ate at a restaurant called "Crown Railroad Restaurant" on RT 66 in north Flagstaff. Food was pretty average, but what was interesting was that it was used in a number of movie and TV shots over the years. The stay in Flagstaff was actually one of our "rest stops" as we didn't do much siteseeing at all. After staying for a couple of nights, we headed out the morning of 7/26 north to Page, AZ.


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