7/19&20/2023 - Relaxing in Kingman (click here to leave a comment)

So, now that we are in Kingman visiting with Marcia and Jack (Patty's sister) and staying in their lovely home, we are pretty much not doing much activities. The weather continues to be pretty hot (108degrees +), and I'm not one who does hot well. Consequently, we are spending a lot of time inside, staying cool, and lots of catching up on family history. I found this "portal" near the western boundary of Kingman and thought that it would be pretty interesting. If those of you outside the USA (India or Costa Rica) and need to have some clarification of things, leave a comment in the comments of the appropriate post title and I'll address the questions as I can.

Kingman's fun!


Kingman's fun!

Thu Jul 27 2023 00:06:43 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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