7/18/2023 Barstow to Kingman, but not on RT66 (click here to leave a comment)

So, we left Barstow early in the morning, well, for us at least. When I say that it was the most desolate stretch so far (see previous picture as an example). When Patty and I passed through this area back in 12/2017, we drove this stretch on RT 66. That was really interesting to see the several "ghost towns" and abandoned gas stations, motels, restaurants, and a few homes that some were still in use. We actually found an abandoned toilet that was back aways from the road. Of course we needed to check it out. It wasn't hooked up and no one had used it. So, we took a picture of each of us assuming the position. When we returned to our car that was parked along the side of highway where a State Patrol car had pulled up. We pointed out to the officer why we were walking across the desert to our car and we all had a great laugh together. He had wondered if there were any drug paraphernalia or any evidence of use as a drug drop-off. I showed him a couple of pictures of the inside of the tank and bowl where there was some garbage, but no evidence of drugs. So, we all went on our way. We arrived at Patty's sister and brother in law's house later that evening.


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