7/17/2023 - To Barstow for the night (click here to leave a comment)

Patty was reminiscing while we traveled along the CA RT 126 thinking back to when she was much younger and the valley that we were traveling through was very rich and green with orchards. Apparently, it was very lovely then. However now, many of the farms are gone and industry has replaced them. I find this interesting in the aspect that we we remember simpler times when farming was a viable industry. But, since those days industrial businesses take over more and more, which means that there is a part of our lives are collectively lost. Once we passed Santa Clarita and started on I-15, the landscape that we experienced in the San Juaquin Valley once again overtook our journey where mile after mile it was nothing but desert and industry. We arrived uneventfully in Barstow and stayed in a Best (Better than the Last) Western Hotel.


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