7/13/2023 - Happy Days with Iraj (click here to leave a comment)

Iraj cooked us breakfast that morning which was wonderful home cooked food after many restaurant meals. Iraj is still working for the company that I worked for before I had the audacity to retire from there. He had a scheduled meeting with my old team that afternoon and we decided to pull a prank. Since the meeting was virtual and nobody was sharing their cameras, the question came up where my manager was asking how the weather was where we were at. A number of our fellow teammates live in the south and east where weather is dangerously bad. After a couple of minutes I piped up and said, "well, at Iraj's house it's clear and 80 degrees." Immediately, people recognized my voice and realizing that it wasn't Iraj coming from Iraj's avatar, there was a lot of laughter and commotion. Obviously, they missed me and I sure missed them. That was really fun! That evening, Iraj cooked a fabulous barbecued salmon dinner with brown rice. We spent the night with him anticipating having to leave the next afternoon.

Sounds great, what wonderful hospitality


Sounds great, what wonderful hospitality

Fri Jul 21 2023 03:21:57 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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